St Lucia PM warns opposition against release of IMPACS report

St Lucia PM warns opposition against release of IMPACS report
Would stop at nothing, because he desperately wants to win this election and poison the mind of the people of this country,” he told supporters, insisting there are several consequences in releasing the report in the public domain. “Why are you doing it?
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Germany opens files on Nazi paedophile sect in Chile
"We are making documents dating from between 1986 and 1996 available to researchers and the media," he said, adding that older files were already in the public domain. The scale of the atrocities at the commune came to light only after the end of …
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Taxman can examine third party data, public information to track non-filers
To weed out non-filers of tax returns and initiate proceedings against them, the taxman can now, besides internal records, also use information available with foreign tax authorities in public domain such as third part data, verifiable news reports, as …
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Cong targets BJP on loan to media firm

Cong targets BJP on loan to media firm
“Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis should forthwith sack Tawde and share full facts in public domain. The BJP leadership should also make a full disclosure statement to people of the country,” the demanded. Besides extending Rs 25 lakh loan to the …
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Alleged retired Navy petty officer claims to have seen Top Secret UFO files
Pope continued, “I've seen some people attempt to pick holes in the story prior to any of the data being placed in the public domain, on the basis of some of the individual's statements. I have no intention of entering into a debate about any of this …
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FMCSA's publishing BASIC scores undermines FAST Act
Not only are the scores, alone or together, completely useless, their existence in the public domain is harmful to public safety and public policy. But alas, these arguments have long fallen on the tone-deaf ears, and data-blind minds of FMCSA leadership.

TN Bill would enhance DUI punishment, lessen drug possession punishment
“Means people would be in jail longer, which would also mean those people that repeat, drive and endanger the public, would be out of the public domain.” As for drug possession, the bill reduces punishment for people caught with small amounts of drugs.
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We fudged tax returns, number of cars sold, dealership owner says

We fudged tax returns, number of cars sold, dealership owner says
Photo via [Public Domain] Wikimedia Commons James Jun Kul Pak, 49, the accounting firm owner, pleaded guilty Thursday to one count of felony grand theft and admitted a sentencing enhancement of white collar crime exceeding $ 500,000. Fifteen other …

13 Free Things on the Internet You Should Be Using
Project Gutenberg has an entire library of public domain books that can be downloaded in a variety of formats. While public domain rules limit the offerings to anything prior to 1920, there's a whole lot of classics to choose from. For that matter …
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Let the people speak: history with voices
Speaking in December 1908, Christabel Pankhurst issued a rallying call to every 'patriotic and public spirited woman' to take up 'militant' tactics in the hope that '1909 must, and shall, see the political enfranchisement of women.' It's not hard to …
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Until 1950, U.S. Weathermen Were Forbidden From Talking About Tornados

Until 1950, U.S. Weathermen Were Forbidden From Talking About Tornados
(Photo: WikiCommons/Public Domain). The Signal Office's forecasting division was eventually transferred to the Department of Agriculture, where it became the U.S. Weather Bureau. Though the Bureau thrived in its new home, developing warning systems for …
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Why the NFL Can't Control the Only Broadcast of Super Bowl I
And in a final intriguing twist, no one may own the rights because the broadcast may now be part of the public domain. To understand why the NFL, which has a fierce reputation for protecting its intellectual property, does not control the tape, it's …
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Who Owns The Street?
Public space and the politics of space always play a central role in this. For this exhibition ZUS developed the project 101 Streets, the implosion of public domain and looked at 101 streets, from paved Roman roads, to New Babylon and the contemporary …
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Possible marker for recurring HPV-linked oropharyngeal cancers
Credit: public domain. A look-back analysis of HPV infection antibodies in patients treated for oropharyngeal (mouth and throat) cancers linked to HPV infection suggests at least one of the antibodies could be useful in identifying those at risk for a …
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Lancaster pimp gets 26 years in prison
Photo by Gustavo Castillo [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons A Lancaster man who pimped two women, including the mother of a kidnapped toddler who was strapped into a car seat and left in a shed in Palmdale, was sentenced Thursday to 26 years …

James Franco, Zola, and the Colonization of Black Twitter
According to Deadline, James Franco is slated to direct a film based on a litany of tweets fired off by Aziah “Zola” Wells. A total of 148 tweets by Zola told the story of her late night shenanigans involving a part time stripper employed at Hooters …
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